Journal of a London Escort

Being an escort in London is challenging, especially because your escort life becomes your secret life in most cases. As a young single struggling girl by day and a London escort by night, I am paid to live the high life in exchange for my sexual services to London’s A-list mobsters and celebrities, but my secrets and experiences have remained locked within my world of silence.

With supermodel looks, the social skills of a diplomat, and an athlete’s stamina, I guaranteed an enduring satisfaction and sexual prowess of a lifetime for all my clients. I have been a secret keeper, holding the secrets of my childhood, my double life of an escort and an office girl, and those of my clients who confide in me.

As a London girl, I have always been after thrilling after the thrill and the next high, letting myself to be a pawn in the games of men. On the outside, I am funny, very pretty, and intelligent too, but that is not something you start with when you are part of London escorts and call girls.

Working as a London escort means I need high-end clients, so the place to get my clients is in clubs with extremely rich and famous people. In some ways, being a London escort robs me of some of my best years, but it also gives me a life I would never have imagined, and I get to meet some pretty interesting characters. Some of the places my agency sends me to in central London, such as Knights-bridge, gives me access to tourists who flock there for shopping adventures. For the past six years, I have been surviving on minimum wage and with all the pressure to pay bills in London, being an escort was really the only way to pay my bills. The first few dates are usually exciting, but nerve-wrecking as well, especially if you don’tdon’t have a high sex drive or attracted to older men like the clientele in Kensington and in Chelsea.

As an escort, I earn 10 times as much as I do in my day job, but my services do not always require me to have sex with my clients instantly. What I do in London is just sit-ups between regular dating and straight-up escorting. At times, all these men really need is someone to listen to them, and as part of alternative therapy, sex is just the right vehicle to get there.

It is not all bad or all good, there is good money in the business, but despite my financial goals, I often worry about the emotional toll my work has on me. The more I work, the more I earn, and the harder it becomes to quit. Working as a London escort is tough. I had to learn to separate work and play, which is just physically and emotionally exhausting because I rarely have time for myself. There is also the perturbation of detaching from human emotions and genuine intimacy because even if I simulate it most of the time, it starts to feel like nothing after a few men I your bed.

Getting paid a lump-some amount for fancy dinners and dull sex is not something you want on a resume, but a thousand dates, cocktail parties, and attending over a thousand champagne-filled parties is a plus. Plus, there are the many brunches that my girlfriends did a religious practice for every Saturday! It is all fast and fun, really, until the flicker fades and you are left with a guilty conscience to show for it.

The glossy lifestyle of a London escort is not all it is aired out to be. It is just a sheen slathered on top of a product. I have used alcohol at work as a coping mechanism for the guilt and sadness I inflict on my soul and the weight on my heart, but there are so many shots you can take before you lose touch with genuine intimacy and emotions.

Life in London without all the frills of being an actual escort is fun. London culture encourages a style of socializing, which is fast, busy, and FOMO-driven, a life that just requires you to enjoy the present. It is not all candles and roses, but it pays my bills, and in a way, I get to meet some of the most interesting personalities of Bays-water, Chelsea, Knights-bridge, and Kensington who are ready for the expertise and skills of a London brunette.