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Journal of a London Escort

Being an escort in London is challenging, especially because your escort life becomes your secret life in most cases. As a young single struggling girl by day and a London escort by night, I am paid to live the high life in exchange for my sexual services to London’s A-list mobsters and celebrities, but my secrets and experiences have remained locked within my world of silence.

With supermodel looks, the social skills of a diplomat, and an athlete’s stamina, I guaranteed an enduring satisfaction and sexual prowess of a lifetime for all my clients. I have been a secret keeper, holding the secrets of my childhood, my double life of an escort and an office girl, and those of my clients who confide in me.

As a London girl, I have always been after thrilling after the thrill and the next high, letting myself to be a pawn in the games of men. On the outside, I am funny, very pretty, and intelligent too, but that is not something you start with when you are part of London escorts and call girls.

Working as a London escort means I need high-end clients, so the place to get my clients is in clubs with extremely rich and famous people. In some ways, being a London escort robs me of some of my best years, but it also gives me a life I would never have imagined, and I get to meet some pretty interesting characters. Some of the places my agency sends me to in central London, such as Knights-bridge, gives me access to tourists who flock there for shopping adventures. For the past six years, I have been surviving on minimum wage and with all the pressure to pay bills in London, being an escort was really the only way to pay my bills. The first few dates are usually exciting, but nerve-wrecking as well, especially if you don’tdon’t have a high sex drive or attracted to older men like the clientele in Kensington and in Chelsea.

As an escort, I earn 10 times as much as I do in my day job, but my services do not always require me to have sex with my clients instantly. What I do in London is just sit-ups between regular dating and straight-up escorting. At times, all these men really need is someone to listen to them, and as part of alternative therapy, sex is just the right vehicle to get there.

It is not all bad or all good, there is good money in the business, but despite my financial goals, I often worry about the emotional toll my work has on me. The more I work, the more I earn, and the harder it becomes to quit. Working as a London escort is tough. I had to learn to separate work and play, which is just physically and emotionally exhausting because I rarely have time for myself. There is also the perturbation of detaching from human emotions and genuine intimacy because even if I simulate it most of the time, it starts to feel like nothing after a few men I your bed.

Getting paid a lump-some amount for fancy dinners and dull sex is not something you want on a resume, but a thousand dates, cocktail parties, and attending over a thousand champagne-filled parties is a plus. Plus, there are the many brunches that my girlfriends did a religious practice for every Saturday! It is all fast and fun, really, until the flicker fades and you are left with a guilty conscience to show for it.

The glossy lifestyle of a London escort is not all it is aired out to be. It is just a sheen slathered on top of a product. I have used alcohol at work as a coping mechanism for the guilt and sadness I inflict on my soul and the weight on my heart, but there are so many shots you can take before you lose touch with genuine intimacy and emotions.

Life in London without all the frills of being an actual escort is fun. London culture encourages a style of socializing, which is fast, busy, and FOMO-driven, a life that just requires you to enjoy the present. It is not all candles and roses, but it pays my bills, and in a way, I get to meet some of the most interesting personalities of Bays-water, Chelsea, Knights-bridge, and Kensington who are ready for the expertise and skills of a London brunette.

The finest London escort agency

Sometimes you need to seek exceptional in this prosaic world. If you are looking for exotic, sophisticated, and above all exciting places to satisfy and fulfill your passions, look further because Cleopatra Escorts is one of the leading and most trusted London escort agencies both in the UK and the world. The agency is known for ist hard work, passion, and commitment to its work, which has gained its good reputation. The agency uses the client’s feedback and recommendations to continue to provide the best services they could.

• Striving to provide exceptional service
This is one of the goals of this agency. Given that each person is different, the agency takes it upon itself to read your personality and arrange a date that is specific to your requirements. Also, in this agency, you will find the best of London escorts carefully selected and give the clients unforgettable experiences leaving them with a wish to have more or come back in the future.

• Provide London most stunning female escorts
The escorts found on Cleopatra are seductive and alluring, offering the clients a world of erotic pleasure. These girls have mastered the art of seducing their companion and giving them what they exactly want. These escorts are categorized based on their looks. Some are listed as VIP escorts and are the most beautiful and sophisticated. Another section is made of elite London escorts, and these are ladies that offer excellent services for an affordable fee. Lastly, there are high-class girls made for clients with lower budgets and expectations. Regardless of which class the girl comes from, all of these women are stunning and can give you the pleasure you want.

• Offers male companion
The agency does not neglect the female and male population in London by listing some of the London hottest and trusted independent male escorts. The men listed here are experienced, stunning, and genuinely friendly. This means that for someone who is looking for a man figure for a companion, this is the place to be. On top of this, there are also bi-sexual and gay escorts who are happy to give company to gay men. These men are also experienced and can satisfy you.

Cleopatra is undoubtedly the best place to find a suitable escort that matches your personality and requirement. The agency allows for outcalls and home visits apart from the connection made through it. Also, the good thing about it is that everyone gets what they want and can afford it because some of their categories accommodate lower budget clients.

Advice to Follow When Hiring an Escort

So it is during the weekend, and you are bored in your room, have you considered hiring an escort? Well, if you haven’t, consider doing so ASAP. While at it, these tips will come in handy:

Stay safe by choosing wisely
Not everybody posing as an escort out there is genuine. The last thing you would wish for is to be attacked by bandits instead of having fun. To prevent such calamities, hire an escort who works for an escort agency. You may be discouraged by the slightly higher costs, but it is worth it.

Escort agencies screen their workers thus you can be sure of credibility. It is risky to hire a lady or gent from back pages who has not been reviewed yet. By getting one from an agency, you can be sure that you won’t be robbed, have a switch or be upsold after going to your room.

Check the pic
Hire an escort in London who has realistic photos. If the picture is not done professionally, be cautious. The old saying of “if a deal is too good think twice” applies here. Although you may not see an entirely different person, you may end up with a lady who looks more than ten years older than how the pic showed. Again, this is another reason why you should check reviews. In case the photos on the site are not real, you will view comments from previous clients.

Respect pays
It is important to appreciate your escort. Yes, you might be paying for the service, but a little courtesy will not hurt. Introduce yourself nicely in your emails. Were it been you, you may have also wanted to know how the stranger you are about to meet looks like. You can describe your body’s features. Polite gestures will soften the heart of the escort thus you can be sure of top notch services.

Prepare well
Prepare as if you are going out on a regular date. Consider showering before your appointment. If you are into steamy sex, make sure to trim your toenails and finger nails. You do not want to scratch your partner during the act. Shaving or trimming parts you would want a mouth to go round is a plus. Failure to trim may give an impression that you are not interested in having the part worked on.

Make no assumptions
Many clients assume that the condom responsibility is that of the provider. However, it is wise to bring an unopened packet just in case they forget. The good thing with bringing yours is that you will get what you like.

Mention any allergies you may be having
Some providers will want to bring some scented candles, wear perfume or burn incense. All these are in good faith, but it may seem otherwise in case you are allergic to any of the components. Thus, let them know in due course so that they can get ready for you.

Clean up your room
Whether you are meeting in a hotel room or at your place, ensure that it is clean. Even if you have to stuff things in the closet, it is better than an untidy location. Remember that first impression counts.


Daniella is young, fun and full of life. She is a beautiful and stimulating playmate for an evening of indulgence. With her long dark hair and dreamy eyes Daniella is sure to bewitch you with her obvious charms. While she has a number of valuable skills in the bedroom she is also an excellent companion for a night out, perhaps for her favourite food, Italian. She’s a bisexual beauty with an affinity for her dear friend Ruby. A play date with both of these lovely ladies is just a booking away.

Beautiful London Escorts

London is certainly the busiest and exciting place to be at. There are several attractions that you can enjoy and probably remember for the lifetime. However, if you are alone, there are high chances of you getting bored. In such scenario, you can go ahead and hire the services of high-class escorts.

Several people hesitate to opt for escort services even if they have the desire to be with one. This is because they are led to believe that it can make them feel uncomfortable and awkward. The London escorts are professional, and they make sure that there is not a moment of discomfort while your stay with them. These women are extremely friendly, and light-hearted which makes it easier for you to engage or initiate a cheerful conversation with them.

Most of these escorts are capable of having an intelligent conversation and also have a good sense of humor which can be highly beneficial to create a fantastic rapport with the clients. These escorts are well groomed and can be a perfect partner to accompany you at social gatherings, corporate events or other such meetings. Apart from being drop-dead gorgeous, these ladies have charming and alluring personalities and can easily win the hearts of your colleagues or friends. You can spend quality time with them as they provide you a great companionship. Hiring an escort service will ensure that you have the most exciting time of your life.

You can enjoy a romantic dinner at an exquisite restaurant or have a nice moonlight drive and indulge in a romantic conversation with the beautiful woman . They can accompany you at wild parties, and you can have the time of your life with them at several late night parties with A-list guests. You can fulfill each and every desire with the London escorts. The escorts are well aware that you need some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily working life, and they strive hard to leave you content and satisfied. You can let go your stress and unwind over a passionate night with a London escort.

These escorts are highly trained to give you ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. Today, people are so engrossed in earning enormous money that they forget to give attention to their personal life. These best London escorts will eliminate all your worries without much hassle. They are basically the good listener and will listen to all your worries efficiently. They can turn your gloomy day into a very exciting one.

Usually, these high-class escorts are hot and sizzling. Their fun loving and entertaining nature will certainly make you go crazy on your knees. They know what you want from them and accordingly give you services. They have a curvaceous body that will enchant you completely. They can fulfill all your intrinsic necessities without any complaints. They are the perfect companion to give you pleasure and satisfaction.

They pamper and cuddle you like a king. Plus, they make sure that you are comfortable in their company. You can also prefer to hire all services escorts if you want some additional services such as massages from them.

High-class escorts have good communication skills that only get add-on in their charismatic personality. Once hired, you will definitely fall in love with their exquisite beauty. You will certainly have a roller coaster ride in their companionship. If you want to experience the exciting and thrilling journey, then do not hesitate to hire the services of best London escorts. The major goal of these beauties is to give you satisfaction. For that, they will leave no stone unturned. The best thing about these pretty girls is that they are well dressed and highly educated. They are well aware of mannerisms and have a good sense of dressing style.

High-class escorts can be taken anywhere along with you. No matter it is a romantic dinner date or social/corporate gatherings, you will be glad to be in their company anywhere you go. They are certainly the head turners. The man will fall in love with their top notch services. They are smart, simple and elegant. Their naughty activities will certainly make you reach to the top level of excitement. If you are looking ahead for complete relaxation and pleasure, then hire these escorts and get memorable time of your day. These escorts are always passionate about their job and give you dedicated services that you will certainly remember throughout your life.

The only thing that you are required to do is search a relevant website that offers various services such as blonde escorts, busty escorts, brunettes, petite girls and much more as per your convenience. These girls are simply a call away.